File Upload Guidlines
ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS: Adobe Illustrator: PDF, EPS, AI Photoshop: PSD, EPS, TIFF UNACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS: Quark, Corel Draw, Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker & low resolution scanned images. InDesign files, unless exported to an .EPS or .PDF format, will incur additional art charges or be rejected. RASTER ART: (known as bitmap art) Raster: Any file ending with .PSD, .TIF, .JPG, .BMP, .GIF or any photographic image VECTOR ART: (known as line art) Typically any file ending in .EPS, .AI or .PDF designed with a vector based program. Vector files are the preferred method of file type used by most large format printers. In the cases of 1-2 color thermal imprint, hot stamp foil and screen print, vector is the only accepted file type. UPLOADED ARTWORK: For the fastest and most efficient artwork processing, please submit art via our FTP website. Factory is not responsible for any server malfunction that affects receipt. Factory is also NOT responsible for omitted information on the order. All documents received after 12:00pm CST will be counted as received on the next business day. FILE PREPARATION: Graphic Dimensions are subject to change without notice. Consult website or contact Customer Care for graphic template. Documents must be created and sent at 100% of final size, print ready and require no file manipulation or additional charges may apply. If ordering mural panels, create your layout as one page. DO NOT SEPARATE THE PANELS, this is required to ensure image alignment. We reserve the right to make slight alterations in graphics to adapt to our imprinting processes. Some thin lines or small shapes may not reproduce at the thickness or size submitted. Multicolor close registration imprints are not available on all products. IMPORTANT: Convert all text to outlines, paths or curves to ensure exact duplication of a type style. Alterations to artwork will result in a necessary proof approval and may delay production time. ERRORS: We cannot be responsible for errors resulting from copy that was received or approved incorrectly. TYPESETTING: Our normal art set-up charge includes 4 lines of copy, if applicable. If a specific font is required, the name of that font must be noted on your PO. If we do not have the  font, the type will be re-set using a standard font or one that matches as closely as possible.